Woeful and wonderful

Well, I thought I was going to get away with it but Flo noticed that following my earnest commitment to run every day this week I’ve not done it since my recordbreaking 2 mile stint on Monday. I’m afraid I’ve been woeful and a wastrel. I’ve been waylaid by work and wine.

So today I thought I should probably do a quadruple to make up for the last 3 days. I managed weights, a walk, a splash in the water, a wun (sorry) and a trip to Waitrose. Does that count?

Janathon has been truly wonderful. It cheered me up and gave me something to look forward to after Christmas and kept me on track and focused all month. I’ve loved reading your blogs, I’ve lost 5 pounds, I’ve achieved a decent run comfortably and without stopping which at the beginning of the month had me wheezing. I’ve written lots of wubbish and a few whoppers.

Is this the end of the workout for me? I hope not. But don’t hold your breath.

it’s different today

That was a catch phrase in our house when I was a little girl. I have vague recollections of it being originally from a childhood programme, maybe Listen with Mother (oooh what an age giveaway) .
Anyway  I started this week the way I mean to go on, yes, RUNNING!

And it was different today. It didn’t hurt. I did my usual 2 mile circuit and  I didn’t wheeze, I didn’t stop (except to tell a woman that I really liked her pink coat) and relaxed into it and dare to admit actually enjoyed it! Hooray for Janathon! This is my personal Nirvana.

I just looked up Nirvana and this is what it said

“(in Buddhism) a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth”

Not so sure about that. I’m still feeling desire, more specifically for some lemon drizzle cake.

a different kind of plank

Predictably this morning after killer Pilates yesterday I hurt. I woke up with that feeling of having swallowed an ironing board. I am a human plank and have flexibility only in my wrists, ankles and eyesockets.
That was a good enough excuse to avoid a massive gym session. What can I do instead? Something that doesn’t involve bending in the middle. I know, more swimming.

And then I am psyching up for a week of running …. Grrrr.

promise to do better

Killer pilates for me today. Tomorrow I’ll need helping out of bed.

It’s occurred to me I haven’t done much running this Janathon and with only a few days to go I’m committing now to more running. Every day next week is the aim, starting Monday. I know I’m going to regret that. I would love to be able to do 5k comfortably, without the aid of an emergency resuscitation team and join you Really Good Runners on a park run one day.

Meanwhile tomorrow I promise to catch up on all the other blogs, apologies for being so remiss, one of those weeks.

rebel yell

Today’s Janathoning of choice was a Body Balance class. I love BB usually. Tai Chi warm up, lots of opening up of shoulders and waving arms around, some standing strength that makes me feel, well, strong, and heroic, some balancing on one leg which makes me feel like I’ve achieved something special and unleashes my inner dancer and then some serious abs work which help me feel like I’ve got the best 6-pack ever beneath this winter blubber ending with hip opening stuff and lots of twists that will unravel all the pent up angst of the week.

Well today wasn’t like that. Today was all about the instructor doing something different. I didn’t like it. there were lots of moves that really tested my very tight hamstrings, and actually I don’t like looking at the floor, I don’t like looking at my feet for prolonged periods of time, I can’t see any joy or reason for being at the point of torture with my muscles screaming for mercy, I don’t like having my nose pressed into my knee, there is nothing to see there I’d rather look out of the window. So guess what? I stood up and walked out.

To misquote Billy Idol, “With a rebel yell she cried [no] more more more”. Princess or what?

bye bye spotty dog

In the complex where I live we are lucky to have our own private pool. At certain times of day it is my own private pool because no one else is there, so I pretend I am a millionairess and it really is just my own.
Today I did a few lengths and because I didn’t have company tried a few moves that we do at aquarobics – slightly embarrassing things (well they would be embarrassing if anyone was watching but I was on my own) like bunny hops, frog jumps, twisty jump things, and the famous “spotty dog” move, a kind of scissor-like movement with arms and legs. This allegedly refers to an ancient children’s TV programme back in the Middle Ages called The Woodentops where puppets moved around on strings and the dalmation character moved in a non-doggy way because real dogs are not on strings. Of course I don’t remember this programme at all, I probably wasn’t born then *cough* but anyway I did some spotty dog moves today. Tragically at my last aqua class the spotty dog move is now called the “cross country”. Well, you can’t stop progress.

rock n roll

Hey tonight I collapsed exhausted in a tumbled heap on the carpet in front of the tv. Then I remembered oh nooo, it’s Janathon.
So this is what we did, we turned off the TV, we foam rolled to Nirvana.
Rock n roll Wednesday. I might have some Nurofen later to qualify for a drugs n rock n roll Wednesday. And I’ll stop right there because otherwise this post will get smutty.
Do I qualify?
I ran yesterday.
Tomorrow, serious running.

what’s real?

My friends think I’m a bit mad doing Janathon. So I’m in good company with you, my eight lovely readers then?

Have you come across the Run with Zombies app? I use this. Being on a mission to help a town get itself back together after a massive apocalyptic event and helping gather hazelnuts for soup and pick up litter whilst all the time being out of the compound at the mercy of zombies helps me run faster. It gives me an incentive. I really don’t give a fluck if it is make-believe. I run. That is the object. It isn’t very cool, I’ll admit, to pretend you have a zombie following you and doing knee lifts in a park-full of fit footballers, but I will do it because I am Janathoning. I’m committed guys, Ok yesterday was Joker day but I’m committed.

Another thing my non-Janathoning friends think is weird is that I want to TELL you all this stuff in a blog. Well let me tell you a secret. As well as writing bollocks here  I occasionally write to a robot. There is a wonderful website called Oh Life which actually is kind enough to send me an email every day and ask  how my day went. And every day I can rant on there and explain the ins and outs of my day, all the injustices, the victories and the embarrassing things I don’t tell my friends. It’s cathartic like therapy but it is free!

Something else that makes my friends pull funny faces and do that thing with their finger in their head about me behind my back is that I believe my teddybear has feelings (note: I am over age 12 at time of writing). I move him around the flat every day so he has a different view and doesn’t get bored. An ex-boyfriend moved him to another room when we were getting it on, he didn’t like being watched, so I think that is fairly conclusive proof that my teddybear is a real if he can freak out the BF. So now I never have sex in front of Teddy.

Despite this I’m not interested in Second Life where you can create a whole new identity and be something you are not. I’m quite happy with the reality I have, even though some of it is virtual, and some of it is a little bit imagined.



The joker

On 2011 Janathon I remember reading a post about playing the joker, I don’t play cards but apparently if you pull out your joker it means you get out of doing something. Handy!

Ha well, this being officially a “festival of excuses” I am today playing my joker.

1. I was planning a morning run prior to a meeting this morning but decided to have a hearty breakfast instead, and that takes quite a long time to digest, and not enough time to digest, run, get to meeting

2. I was going to go for a swim after my meeting this afternoon but my cat ate my swimsuit

3. I could go for a run tonight but actually I’m on the Pinot Grigio so my Nike run-thingy-app would look a bit zig zaggy

has anyone else pulled the joker thingy this Janathon?

so that’s my joker played. the next 11 days will be Janathontastic.

Happy Janathoner

Wow Day 19 already. I got the tape measure out today, and while the intention when I started wasn’t to slim down necessarily, just to get my ass off the sofa after a hearty Christmas, I am pleased to report shrinkage in most measured parts.

I am loving Janathon!

If it hadn’t been for my Bezzy suggesting it might be a “good thing” I would still be on the sofa perusing the gym timetable and planning what classes to do when I start. Today’s gym exertions felt easier and even my running is starting to feel quite enjoyable and my legs less lead like.

Making exercise a priority for every day of the month is a brilliant discipline and a great way to start the year. And writing fun and rubbish stuff and hanging out with you guys is something to look forward to every day. Thanks for the company!