Woeful and wonderful

Well, I thought I was going to get away with it but Flo noticed that following my earnest commitment to run every day this week I’ve not done it since my recordbreaking 2 mile stint on Monday. I’m afraid I’ve been woeful and a wastrel. I’ve been waylaid by work and wine.

So today I thought I should probably do a quadruple to make up for the last 3 days. I managed weights, a walk, a splash in the water, a wun (sorry) and a trip to Waitrose. Does that count?

Janathon has been truly wonderful. It cheered me up and gave me something to look forward to after Christmas and kept me on track and focused all month. I’ve loved reading your blogs, I’ve lost 5 pounds, I’ve achieved a decent run comfortably and without stopping which at the beginning of the month had me wheezing. I’ve written lots of wubbish and a few whoppers.

Is this the end of the workout for me? I hope not. But don’t hold your breath.


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